Patrol Officer Solved Past Paper into the National Highway and Motorway Police. Federal Public Service Commission Solved Past Paper of the Patrol Officer is here for the candidates who have recently applied for the post of Patrol Officer. National Highway and Motorway Police past Solved Papers.  Junior Patrol Officers Past Solved Papers.

  1. Country Aung San Suu Kyi from?
    (A) Myanmar
  2.  Karakoram Highway Length which is also called Silk Highway?
    (A) 805 km
  3. Who authored ‘Friends not Masters’
    (A) Ayub Khan
  4. The Current secretary general of UNO to which country he belongs to?
    (A) Singapore
  5. SAARC Headquarter is where?
    (A) Kathmandu
  6. We are Glad to ___ the receipt of order no
    (A) acknowledge
  7. The ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into
    (A) Vitamin
  8. The length of Faisalabad-Multan (M4) motorway is?
    (A) 243 k
  9. First Afghan war took place in?
    (A) 183
  10. QUBA mosque has been mentioned in:
    (A) Surah al Taub
  11. Holy Prophet (PBUH) offer Hajj at?
    (A) 10 A.
  12. Which Surah does not start with Bismillah?
    (A) Al Tub
  13. Total number of Ghazwas?
    (A) 2
  14. Migration to Medina took place in which year?
    (A) 622 A.
  15. When did Battle of Uhad take place?
    (A) 3 A.
  16. Greatest and biggest wall situated in which country?
    (A) Chin
  17. Where is the leaning tower of Pisa?
    (A) Ital
  18. Who wrote the famous novel ‘War and Peace’?
    (A) Lao Tolst
  19. How many states are in the USA?
    (A) 5
  20. Which two seas connects Suez Canal
    (A) Mediterranean and Red 
  21.  people started at in horror the statue was so ___ that
    (A) grotesqu
  22.  He could not ___ the charges because he was caught red handed.
    (A) refut
  23. Unhappy about the treatment meted out to her. She ___ demanded justice.
    (A) Vociferousl
  24. They sprayed tear gas ___ on the protesters
    (A) indiscriminatel
  25. Total Ayat in Surrah AL- Maheen?
    (A) 100 or more Ayah
  26. The book of Hadith “Arbaeen” is in which there are:
    (A) 40 Ahadit
  27. Fatwa Qazi Khan is an authentic Fatwa of
    (A) Fiqh Shaf
  28. The garden bestowed to the Holy Prophet as Fay is known as:
    (A) FIDA
  29. How many countries are in the European Union?
    (A) 2
  30. When was the world treaty organization formed?
    (A) 199
  31. The Name of the Prime Minister of the  United Kingdom?
    (A) Non
  32. Barack Obama is related to which state of the Unites States of the America?
    (A) Illinoi
  33. International Court of Justice headquarter place?
    (A) Hagu
  34. The partition of Bengal took place?
    (A) 190
  35. Who was the first viceroy of India?
    (A) Lord Cannin
  36. Allama Iqbal deliver Allahbad address on?
    (A) December 193
  37. Who was the last viceroy of India?
    (A) Lord Mountbatte
  38. Poor man’s budget in 1946 was presented by?
    (A) Liaquat Ali Kha
  39. In test cricket Who holds the World record of maximum runs?
    (A) Sachin Tendulka
  40. At the time of Simon Commission Who was the viceroy of India?
    (A) Lord Irwi
  41. Daily Zamindaar editor name?
    (A) Maulana Zafar Ali Kha
  42. India wins freedomAuthor Name?
    (A) Abul Kalam Aza
  43. The first  president of All India Muslim League?
    (A) Sir Aga Kha
  44.  When did Simon commission come to India?
    (A) 192
  45. NATO stands for?
    (A) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  46. The road density of Pakistan is
    (A) 0.31 km/sq k
  47. The writer of “The origin of species”?
    (A) Darwi
  48. When UNO formed?
    (A) 194
  49. Common Wealth countries number?
    (A) 5
  50. When OIC established?
    (A) 1969