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Q1⚘.Where is Allama Iqbal burried? Ans. Allama Iqbad is burried in Lahore Outside of Badshahi Mosque. Q2⚘. How many countries in SAARC? Ans. 8 Q3⚘. Which is the Capital of Jordan? Ans. Amman Q4⚘. Fathers name of Jahan Ara Ans. Shah Jahan Ans. The second…

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1. First pm of pak… Liaquat ali khan 2. Pm in 2004… Shoukat aziz 3. Valley at the end of khuram pass.. Kohat valley 4. Shandur pass connects… Gilgat with chitral 5. Nealm valley situated in.. AJ.k 6. Pakistan lie in.. South asia 7. Qantas…

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  پہلی ترمیم  1974 آئین پاکستان 1973 کی پہلی ترمیم میں پاکستان کے حدود اربعہ کا دوبارہ تعین کیا گیا. دوسری ترمیم 1974 قادیانیوں کو غیر مسلم اقلیت قرار دیا گیا. تیسری ترمیم 1975 اس ترمیم میں Preventive Detention کی مدت کو بڑھایا گیا۔Preventive Detention…

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Mughal Dynasty General Knowledge for Pakistan Affairs MCQs and Short Questions for test Preparation. Who founded of the Mughal Empire? – Babur When was First Battle of Panipat fought? – 1526 Who defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the First Battle of panipat? – Babur Who defeated…