General Knowledge

??? *Pakistan???

1* “City of colleges”
Ans. Lahore

2* “Replica of the sahara”
Ans. Skardu

3* “Gateway of Pakistan”
Ans. Karachi

4* “Bab-ul-Islam”
Ans. Sindh

5* “Swaziland of Pakistan”
Ans. Swat

6* “City of Textile”
Ans. Faisalabad

7* “Valley of Flowers”
Ans. Peshawar

8* “City of Saints”
Ans. Mutan

9* city of the world which is known as ” Little Pakistan”
Ans. Bradford

10* “Land of Five rivers”
Ans. Punjab

11* “Land of Brave People”
Ans. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgat Balistan

12* “Pearl of Himaliya”
Ans. Kaghan

13* “City of lightning”
Ans. Karachi

14* Texila university was established by the king ?
Ans. Ashoka

15* Badshahi Mosque located in lahore was built by?
Ans. Aurangzeb Alamgir

16* Lahore was properly walled city surrounded by …….gates ?
Ans. 12

17* Badshahi Mosque is located in?
Ans. Lahore

18* Badshahi Mosque was built in?
Ans. 1673

19* Baba farid Ganj shakar’s is located in?
Ans. pakpatan

20* Manora famous for tourism is name of ?
Ans. Island

21* Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s is located in?
Ans. Mithan kot

22* Lahore fort is also known as ?
Ans. Shahi Fort

23* Changa Manga Forest is located near ?
Ans. Lahore

24* Jahangir’s tomb is located in?
Ans. Lahore

25* “Heard of Khyber pakhtunkhwa”
Ans. Mardan

26* Baba Bulleh Shah’s tomb is located in ?
Ans. kasur

27* Shalimar Garden was built in?
Ans. 1642

28* “height of Siachin Glacier”
Ans. 20,000feet

29* “Linght of Siachan Glacier”
Ans. 75km

30* “Batora Glacier in located in”?
Ans. Gilgat Baltistan

31* “Baltura Glacier is located in “?
Ans. Gilgat Baltistan

32* second hightest glacier of the world ?
Ans. Siachan Glacier

33* what is the length of Batora Glacier?