Federal Investigation Agency Past Paper. Inspector FIA, Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan Solved Past Paper. All the One Paper  MCQ’s of FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS, CTS, PTS are available here. Solved Past Papers of Federal Public Service Commission. Inspector FIA, Solved Past Paper.

  1. Shakespeare was born in:
    Ans.  1564
  1. When comrade newspaper issued:
    Ans. 14th January 1911
  1. When Al-Halal newspaper was issued:
    Ans.  July 1912
  1.  OIC heads of state conference occur After how many years
    Ans. Three
  1. Mughal king ruled over India:
    Ans.  331 years
  1. Scotland Yard formed:
    Ans.  September 1829
  1. National police bureau members:
    Ans. 6
  1. Justice delayed is justice:
    Ans.  Denied
  1. Derawar fort near:
    Ans. Bahawalpur
  1. Secret agency of India:
    Ans. RAW
  1. Democratic Party in USA founder:
    Ans. Thomas Jefferson
  1. biography of; Pervez Musharaf

       Ans. “In the line of fire”

  1. 1st hockey champion trophy played in:

       Ans.  Pakistan

  1. When Magna Carta signed:

       Ans.  15th June 1215

  1. One unit dissolved:

       Ans. 1st July 1970

  1. Nightingale Florence was:

       Ans. Nurse

  1. Intelligence agency of France:

       Ans. Directorate of military intelligence

  1. In Olympic Pakistan first time won gold medal:

        Ans. 1960

  1. City of seas called”:

       Ans. Sydney

  1. Maximum noble prizes achieved by country:

       Ans.  USA

  1. Karakorum Range highest peak:

        Ans. K-2

  1. “Jurassic park” movie director:

       Ans. Steven Spielberg

  1. State bank of Pakistan first governor:

        Ans. Zahid Hussain

  1. 46 trillion kilometers:

        Ans. A light year

  1. Secret agency of Colombia:

       Ans. DAS

  1. Diseases of liver:

       Ans. hepatitis and jaundice

  1. Bass Strait separates:

       Ans. Tasmania from Australia

  1. From a  thousand of  years when Center of culture and learning occur for a 500BC to 500 AD:

       Ans.  Taxila

  1. East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan:

       Ans. 16 December 1971

  1. Wall Street popular for:

       Ans. Banking, stock exchange and Finance

  1. Quad-e-Azam joined Muslim league:

      Ans. 1913

  1. Declaration of independence of American colonies adopted at:

      Ans. Philadelphia

  1. Second smallest country:

        Ans. Monaco

  1. Pakistan first postal stamp issued:

       Ans.  July 1948

  1. Marco Polo was famous for:

       Ans. Travelling

  1. Color television have which different colors:

       Ans. Red, green, blue

  1. Secret agency of Pakistan:

       Ans. ISI

  1. Secret agency of Iran:

       Ans. SAVAK

  1. Biggest fresh water lake of world:

        Ans. Lake Superior

40.  Gas used in decorating light:

        Ans. Neon

  1. Lal suhana national park in:

        Ans. Bahawalpur

  1. First agreement signed on siachin glacier:

       Ans. 1949

  1. Which is great circle:

        Ans. Equator

  1. Smallest ocean:

        Ans. Arctic

  1. Liverpool is on:

       Ans. Mersy

  1. River Day of deliverance:

        Ans. 22 December 1939

  1. Last ruler of Tughlaq dynasty:

       Ans. Nasir Ud Din Muhammad

  1. Asiana Airline:

        Ans.  South Korea

  1. Khyber Pass in:

       Ans. Hindukush

  1. Range Plants grow under drought:

        Ans. Xerophytes

  1. Rabi season:

       Ans. October to May

  1. European Union Established:

       Ans. 1957

East India Company established:

       Ans. 1600

  1. Khad is the secret agency of:

       Ans. Afghanistan

  1. CIA is the secret agency of:

       Ans.  America

  1. London metropolitan police derive the name for Scotland yard from:

       Ans. Small, enclosed field in

  1. Whitehall Palestine solidarity day observed on:

       Ans.  29th November

  1. Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Buried at:

        Ans. Sehwan Sharif

  1. Headquarter of FBI:

       Ans.  Washington

  1.  Bernier visited india during which mughal empror.

       Ans. Shah Jahan

  1. Doctor Ahmad Sukarno was the president of:

         Ans. Indonesia