Punjab Public Service Commission Solved Past Paper of Naib Tehsildar. PPSC Past Papers, Zildar, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, ASI, DZO, Labor Inspector, Inspector Cooperative Society, and Inspector Punjab Police Solved Past Papers.

  1. Pride and prejudice is written by?
    Ans. Jane Austin
  2. India Wins Freedom Is written by?
    Ans. Abu-Ul-Kalamazad
  3. Who was the chief editor of “Zamindar?
    Ans.  Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
  4. Who is the present president of Cuba?
    Rahul Castro
  5. Noralmarki is the president of ?
    Ans. Iraq
  6. Clash of civilization is written by ?
    Ans. Samuel Huntington
  7. War and Peace is written by?
    Leo Tolstoy
  8. Simon Commission Held in?
    Ans. 1927
  9. When WTO formed?
    Ans. 1995
  10. Who presented Theory of relativity?
    Ans. Einstein
  11. Stainless Steel is that the alloy of ?
    Ans. copper and zinc
  12. How many colors are there is spectrum?
    Ans. 7
  13. Who was the Viceroy in !927?
    Ans. Lord Irwin
  14. First viceroy of the subcontinent was?
    Ans. Lord Canning
  15. Last viceroy of subcontinent?
    Ans. Lord Mountbatten
  16. When DR. Abdul salam Received noble prize?….1979
  17. Pencilin was discovered by ?
    Ans. Fleming
  18. What is that the actual time of rotation of earth?
    Ans. 23 hours 56 min 4 sec
  19. Olympics 2000 took place in which city?
    Ans. Sydney
  20. In which state Obama belongs To ?
    An. illionso state
  21. Which player has Highest score in test cricket?
    Ans. Sachin Tendulker
  22. NATO stands for?
    Ans. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  23. Where is that the greatest and longest wall of earth?
    Ans. China
  24. Where is Leaning Tower of Pisa?
    Ans. Italy
  25. How many members are there is EU?A
  26. Ans 27
  27. 34-OIC came into Existence?
    Ans 1969
  28. 30-Which are the 2 gases that we exale quite we inhale?
    Ans .Oxgen and corbon
  29. 31-Agoraphobia?
    Ans Fear of open places/ public place
  30. Prime Minster of UK is ?
    Ans. Gordon Brown
  31. Who was the primary president of Muslim League?
    Ans. S
    ir Agha Khan
  32. Who is the president of India?
    Ans. Parthibapatel
  33. Allama Iqbal delivered Khutba Allah abad ?
    Ans. Oct-1930
  34. How many states are there in USA?
    Ans. 50
  35. UNO established on?
    Ans. 24th Oct-1945
  36. BAnki Mon Belongs TO which country?
    Ans. South Korea
  37. Shanama ISlam is written by ?
    Ans. HafeezJalandhari
  38. What is Black Hole?
    Ans. Hypothetical region in space Fear of open places/ public places
  39. Where is that the headquarters of International Court of Justice?
    Ans. Hague
  40. Total members of Commonwealth?
    Ans.  53
  41. Total numbers of Ghazwat?
    Ans. 27
  42. How many lines are there in MA-sud-dus?
    Ans.  6
  43. SAARC headquarters?
    Ans. Kathmandu
  44. Friends Not Masters is Written by
    Ans. Gen.Ayub
  45. Shikwa IQbal’s Famous poem Is in which book?
    Ans. Baang-e-Dira
  46. Suez Canal Connects?
    Ans. Medi and red sea
  47. which poet was famous for Masnavi?
    Ans. Mir Hassan
  48. Surah Without Bismillah?
    Ans. Surah Tauba
  49. Anarkali Is written by?
    Ans. Imtiaz Ali Taj
  50. Raja Ghidh Is written by?
    Ans. Bano Qudsiya