The first pledge of Aqaba was marked as the beginning of a new horizon of Islam as twelve Ansaris from Yathrib accepted Islam when they came Makah to perform Hajj in 621.A.D. Meccans hostilities proved great obstacles for Prophet Muhammad in preaching the message of Allah, so he relied on Yathrib which showed great response after first pledge. Islam gained momentum and more and more people embraced Islam , and it was in the next year in 622A.D when 73 men and two women from Yathrib reached Makkah in Hajj season and accepted Islam.

Significant meeting:

The news of 75 people from Yathrib reached Prophet Muhammad S.A and secret meeting was arranged in Tashreeq days at Aqaba, the same place where first pledge was taken. After reaching Aqaba, the Ansars waited for Holy Prophet S.A’s arrivals until He S.A came along with his uncle Al Abas bin Abu Muttalib (who has not embraced Islam yet). He stood adjuring people to assure him of their loyalty and protection towards Prophet MuhammadS. A. He said to the hosts (Ansars)

“Muhammad was held in high esteem by his own people. If you can stand by him through thick and thin, take him with you to Yathrib; if not then abandon the whole idea.”

One of the Ansar leader Ka’ab bin malik al ansari replied

“We have heard your words, and now O messenger of Allah, it is for you to speak and take from us any pledge that you want to regard your lord and yourself”

This stance from Ansari showed their loyalty and determination towards Prophet S.A. Holy prophet S.A then preached the faith and finally the pledge was taken.

What were the conditions?

Following were the conditions that Holy Prophet S.A presented before Ansars

* They will obey and listen to him in all circumstances.

* They will spend in prosperity as well as in adversity.

* They will carry out good deeds and forbid all kinds of evil.

* In serving Allah, they will not fear anybody’s disapproval and condemnation.

* They will defend him whenever He S.A need their help and debarring prophet S.A in anything they feel their family debarring from and if they follow all conditions then Paradise will be in store for them.

After the conditions of second pledge were put forward, one of the chiefs of Yathrib said

“O Messenger of God, what will happen when Islam became great and strong? Will you then leave Yathrib and return to Makkah?

Mohammad S.A with a smile on his face replied

“Your blood is my blood and my blood is your blood. From this day you are mine , and I am yours, and I shall never part company with you.”

The Muslims from Yathrib were contented after getting assurance from Prophet Muhammad S.A and on the way back home preached the message of Islam to the people of Yathrib. Islam made steady growth, and when Yathrib proved heavenly place in propagating faith, Holy Prophet asked people who were being persecuted in Makkah to make emigration towards Yathrib.

Mecca’s raised Protests:

Next day, the leaders of Makkah set out to look for Madinah camps to show their opposition against the pledge. “O Quraish! Muhammad and Madinans who have left the religion of their fathers has gathered and agreed to wage war on you”. The polytheists continued their investigations , but nothing could actually impeded the mission that Holy Prophet S.A had devoted himself to which perhaps would not have been fruitful without loyalty and commitment shown by Muslims of Yathrib who took second pledge.


The second pledge of Aqaba was a great landmark in Islamic history; it turned out to be an anchor on which fragile body of Islam rested finally, after being suppressed for thirteen years in the tumultuous era of paganism in Saudi Arabia.