Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) military strategies | Islamic Studies Css Notes Pdf


  • Introduction
  • The Prophet Alters the Goals of War in Islam
  • Principles of Warfare as Elaborated by the Prophet of Islam
  • Necessity of War: Objective of Warfare Altered in Islam

a.Fighting Against Aggression

b.Assistance of Oppressed

c.Eradication of Mischief:

d.Elimination of Oppression

e.To Eradicate Hindrance in the Way of Islam

  • Strong Belief in Allah
  • Outstanding Achievements
  • Minimum Human Losses
  • Braver
  • Loving and Affectionate
  • Military Divisions
  • Army Formation
  • Military strategies of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

a.Changing Philosophy of War

b.Preparations of War

c.Espionage and Surveillance of Enemy

e.Secrecy in War Planning/Strategy

f.Innovative War Strategies

g.Effective Strategies in the Battlefield

h.Exemplary Conduct with Fighters

i.Inclination Compromise/Reconciliation

j.Good Treatment of War Prisoners of War

  • Conclusion



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