No.1 Number of Surah starts with the names of Prophets
Ans. 6(Surah Al-Younas, Hood, Yousaf, Ibrahim, MuhaMuhammadmmad and Noah)
No.2 Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) took part in ____Ghazwas
Ans. 27
Q.No.3 Hazrat ____ proposed Azan to call for prayers
Ans. Hazrat Umar(R.A)
Q.No.4 Where Hazrat Adam (A.S) met the Hazrat Muhammad PBUH?
Ans. First Heaven
Q.No.6 Ushr is an Arabic and it means
Ans. 1/10th
Q.No.7 In which year A.H. usury(Sood) was declared prohibited
Ans. 9 A.H
Q.No.8 Ayat of Tayummam was revealed in
Ans. 4 A.H
Q.No.9 Angels of Hell are ____ in number
Ans. 19
Q.No.10 Hazrat Muhammad PBUH performed ___ Umrahs
Ans. 4
Q.No.11 ____was eldest son of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
Ans. Hazrat Qasim(R.A)
Q.No.12 Mountain where Noah’s Ark stopped is in ___?
Ans. Turkey
Q.No.13 Which bird was sent by Hazrat Noah(A.S)
Ans. Pigeon
Q.No.18 Which prophet had to commit a murder?
Ans. Hazrat Musa(AS) age 30 years
Q.No.19 Hazrat Sulaiman founded the famous mosque
Ans. Al- Aqsa
Q.No.20 He was a carpenter by profession
Ans. Hazrat Zakria(AS)
Q.No.22 Who ordered Hazrat Ali Hajvary to come to Lahore for preaching
Ans. Mueenud din Chishti
Q.No.23 Najeeb Ullah was the title of
Ans. Hazrat Dawood(AS)
Q.No.24 Incident of Karbala took place on 10th Moharram
Ans. 61 A.H
Q.No.25 Kalma Tayyaba is mentioned in the Holy Quran ___ times?
Ans. Two
Q.No.26 First Juma (Friday) prayer was offered by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in
Ans. 1 A.H
Q.No.27 The command for ablution(Wazu) is present in
Ans. Surah Al- Nisa
Q.No.28 During Hajj number of Faraiz (Duties) are
Ans. 4
Q.No.29 Who performed 1st Hajj
Ans. Hazrat Adam(AS) and Hazrat Hawas (AS)
Q.No.30 First writer of Wahi (Revelation) was
Ans. Hazrat Khalid bin Saeed(RA)
Q.No.31 How many Ghazwas are described in Holy Quran
Ans. 12
Q.No.32 Which city is mentioned in the Holy Quran?
Ans. Florence, Italy
Q.No.33 Number of Surahs in last para are?
Ans. 37
Q.No.34 Fateh Mubeen is called
Ans. Sulah Hudaibiah
Q.No.36 Age of Hazrat Noah A.S Was?
Ans. 950 years
Q.No.37 Age of Hazrat Adam A.S Was?
Ans. 1000 years
Q.No.38 Attribute of Allah Al-Bari means?
Ans. The Maker
Q.No.39 First Wahi (revelation) was consisted of?
Ans. 05 verses of Surah Alaq
Q.No.40 Tomb of Hazrat Abu Ubaida bin Jirrah is at?
Ans. Damascus
Q.No.41 Age of Hazrat Noah A.S Was?
Ans. 950 years
Q.No.42 Who encourages Hazrat Abu Sufyan to embrace Islam
Ans. Hazrat Abbas
Q.No.43 Title of Saifullah was attirbuted to whom?
Ans. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed

Q.No.48 Who discovered Hajr-e-Aswad?
Ans. Hazrat Ismail A.S
Q.No.49 Declaration of Zakat was made in
Ans. 2 A.h

Q.No.51 Usury (Sood) was declared prohibited in?
Ans. 9 A.H
Q.No.52 Hazrat Qsim R.A was eldest son of?
Ans. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
Q.No.53 Al-Aqsa Mosque was founded by?
Ans. Hazrat Suleman A.S
Q.No.54 Hazrat Zakaria was ___ by profession.
Ans. Carpenter
Q.No.55 Ijma is the __ source of Islam
Ans. 3rd
Q.No.56 Najeeb Ullah was the title of?
Ans. Hazrat Dawood A.S
Q.No.57 Incident of Karbla was took palce in
Ans. 61 AH
Q.No.58 Who many times prayer in Quran is commanded
Ans. 700 times
Q.No.59 Hazrat Muhammad PBUH prayed first Jumma Prayer in
Ans. 1 A.H
Q.No.60 Ablution (Wazu) is mentioned in which surah?
Ans. Surah Al-Nisa
Q.No.61 Tayammum was allowed in?
Ans. 4 A.H
Q.No.62 Commandment for Hajj is in which Surah?
Ans. Surah Al-Imran
Q.No.63 First writer of Wahi (Revelation) was ?
Ans. Hazrat Khalid Bin Saeed (R.A)
Q.No.64 Youm-ul-Badr is also known as?
Ans. Youm ul Furqan
Q.No.65 Islamic revolution took place in Iran in
Ans. 1979
Q.No.66 Ayatullah Khamnae ousted ___when he brought islamic revolution in Iran
Ans. Shah Reza
Q.No.67 Islamic Coordinator was title of
Ans. king Faisal
Q.No.68 Islamic Summit Minar is in
Ans. Lahore Pakistan
Q.No.69 Islamabad of Pakistan is known as
Ans. Brasilia of Pakistan
Q.No.72 Who wrote Shahnama e Islam?
Ans. Hafeez Jalandhary
Q.No.73 Spirit of Islam was written by
Ans. Syed Ameer Ali.
Q.No.74 Only Islamic state in Europe is
Ans. Albania
Q.No.75 How many prophets are mentioned in Holy Quran
Ans. 25
Q.No.76 How many times name of Hazrat Adam A.S mentioned in Quran?
Ans. 25 times
Q.No.77 How many times name of Hazrat Musa (Moses) A.S mentioned in Quran?
Ans. 136 times
Q.No.78 How many times name of Hazrat Jibrael A.S mentioned in Quran?
Ans. 3 times
Q.No.79 How many times AHMAD mentioned in Quran?
Ans. 1 time – Surah Saff
Q.No.80 How many times MUHAMMAD mentioned in Quran?
Ans. 4 times
Q.No.81 Which Imam memorized Holy Quran in seven days?
Ans. Imam Muhammad Bin Hassan R.A
Q.No.82 To whom Hazrat Muhammad PBUH married last?
Ans. Hazrat Maimona Bint-e-Haris
Q.No.83 Number of daughters of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was?
Ans. 4
Q.No.84 10th year of Prophethood was named as
Ans. Year of sorrow (Aam ul Huzan)

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