Topic: Prophet (Pbuh) As Role Model For Diplomat

Islamic Studies Css Notes Pdf


  • Introduction
  • Muslim Migration to Abyssinia (615-617)
  • Journey to Ta’if (619):
  • A-Aqaba Pledges (620–621):
  1. First pledge at al-Aqabah
  2. Second pledge at al-Aqabah
  • Reformation of Medina (622):
  • Meethaq-e-Medinah and its impacts:
  • Events at Hudaybiyya (628):
  • Diplomatic Activity at Treaty of Hudaybiyya:
  • Other diplomatic Acts/Norms of Prophet (PBUH):
  • The Prophet‟s (PBUH) Treatment of the Envoys from Other States:
  • Guesthouse for Envoys:
  • Giving Present to Envoys:
  • Conclusion:


The Prophet (PBUH) was also recognized a great diplomat in history. The Prophet (PBUH) introduced a communication method such as communication among national leaders or other tribal leaders by the way of assigned envoys, letters, or by visiting them personally like as Taif. The Prophet (PBUH) was arrived in 622 in Medina and this was the time when famous tribe namely Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj had been bitter quarrel for several decades. The Prophet (PBUH) resolved this by introducing the historical Constitution of Medina due to this famous historical Constitution which results formation of a united Medina’s community and the political supremacy of the Prophet (PBUH)……………………….

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