Largest Continent Asia
Largest Ocean Pacific
Largest River Amazon
Largest River Basin
Largest Lake (salt water)
Caspian sea
Largest Lake (fresh water)
Lake Superior
Largest Bay Hudson Bay
Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico
Largest Sea South China Sea
Largest peninsula Arabia
Largest Island Greenland
Largest Country (in Area) Russia
Largest Country (in population) China
Largest Airport King Khalid International Airport at Riyaz
Largest Mosque Shah Faisal Mosque
Largest Embassy Russian Embassy
Largest Church St.Peter’s (Rome)
Largest Desert Sahara (Africa)
Largest Library US library of Congress
Largest Animal Bhue Whale
Largest Land Animal The African Elephant
Largest Democracy India
Largest palace Imperical Palace (Beijing)
Largest Dam Three Gorges (China)
Largest Park Wood Buffalo National Park Canada
Largest Zoo Krugal National Park S.Africa
Largest Island Sea Mediterranean Sea
Largest City by people strength *Tokyo/Jaest Wall *The great Wall of China*
Largest Railway station Grand Central Terminal (New York
Largest University Building University of Riyadh
Largest Steel Plant Nippon Steel Plant Japan
Largest planet Jupiter
Largest Bird Ostrich
Largest Sea Bird Albatross
Which is the Largest Parliament in the world The National People’s Congress of People Republic China
Largest Cold Desert Gobi Mangolia
Largest Plateau Pamir Tibet
Largest Mountain Range Hamalaya
Largest statue Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty New York
Largest Bank World Bank Washington DC
Largest Navy USA
Largest Army China
Largest Airforce USA
Largest Cricket Stadium Melbourne Australia

Smallest World

Smallest Continent Australia
Smallest Ocean Arctic
Smallest Colony Gibraltar
Smallest State Vatican
Smallest Bird Humming bird
Smallest flowering plant Wolfia
Smallest planet Mercury
World’s Smalles