■》. A landform that stands much higher than its surroundings:
Answer: Mountain.

■》. Mountains occur in:
Answer: Ocean as well as on land.

■》. Which is the world’s longest mountain system?
Answer: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

■》. How long the Mid-Atlantic Ridge stretches:
Answer: 16,000 km.

■》. Mid-Atlantic Ridge stretches from:
Answer: North Atlantic Ocean to Antarctica.

■》. How is the height of a mountain usually expressed?
Answer: The distance that its peak rises above the sea level.

■》. Name a volcano on the island of Hawaii?
Answer: Mauna Kea.

■》. Which volcano has the world’s largest rise from base to peak?
Answer: Mauna Kea.

■》. Mountain ranges are important. Why?
Answer: They determine the climate and water flow of the surrounding regions.

■》. What is called the side of the mountain away from the wind?
Answer: Leeward side.

■》. The dry area on the leeward side of a mountain range is called a:
Answer: Rain shadow.

■》. Many rivers have their headwaters in:
Answer: Mountain regions.

■》. The world’s highest mountain:
Answer: Mount Everest.

■》. Mountainous areas make good locations for hydroelectric plants. Why?
Answer: Their steep slopes and abundant water flow.

■》 Climber’s equipment collected data from satellites of the:
Answer: Global Positioning System.

■》. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is almost totally:
Answer: Underwater.

■》 Which theory explains the formation of mountains and other geological features?
Answer: Plate tectonics.

■》. According to which theory, the earth’s outer shell is made up of about 30 rigid plates of various sizes?
Answer: Plate tectonics.

■》. Name the three major types of rocks:
Answer: Igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks.

■》. Volcanic mountains chiefly consist of:
Answer: Igneous rocks.

■》. Examples of island arc:
Answer: The Aleutian Islands of Alaska and the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

■》. Examples of Fold mountains:
Answer: Appalachian Mountains and the Alps.

■》. Fold mountains consist mainly of which rock?
Answer: Sedimentary rock.

■》. Which mountain forms, when molten rock from deep within the earth erupts and piles up on the surface?
Answer: Volcanic mountains..

■》. Which mountain consists of huge blocks of the earth’s crust that have been tilted or pushed up along a fracture line called a fault?
Answer: Fault-block Mountains.

■》. Write some examples of fault-block mountains?
Answer: The Teton Range in Wyoming, the Wasatch Range in Utah, the Sierra Nevada in California.

■》. In fault-block Mountains, what results in rapid erosion of the exposed rock?
Answer: The steep slope of the uplifted blocks.

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