As you all know that all papers are consisted on two parts. One part is absolutely based on GK, while the other is based on longe question. So the purpose of sharing post is to bear in mind that the first part can boost number. So keep in tuch with GK also…


■ Which Sea is Connected with Pakistan:
■ What is the Highest Temperature recorded in jacobabad:
■ Which Area Recieves highest Rainfall in Pakistan ?
■ biggest desert in Pakistan:
■ What is the Area of Balochistan:
■ What is the Area of Punjab:
■ What is the Area of Sindh:
■ What is the Area of kPK:
■ Where the largest irrigation system through cannals of the world is situated:
■ Dam which has largest electricity production capacity in the World:
■ Kalabagh Dam is situated on :
■ Which is the longest river of Pakistan:
■ Which is the largest province of Pakistan:
■ What is name of Pakistan Afghanistan border:
■ Which state is at the Southern West border of Pakistan:
■ length of the border that Pakistan and iran shares:
■ what is the highest point of Pakistan:
■ What is the highet of k2:
■ What is the Original name of K2:
■ What is the length of Pakistan-india border:
■ Which country Is located in the northern border of pakistan:
■ What is lenth of Pakistan-China border:
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■ Which country is located in northern west side of Pakistan:
■ What is the length of Pakistan Afghanistan boders:
■ Total Area of Pakistan:
■ Pakistan is situated in the continent of :
■ the geographical location of Pakistan in Asia is :
■ the number of countries that are situated in South Asia:
■ With how many countries pakistan shares her boders: