Subjects and books for CSS*
Best Books for *Compulsory Subjects*


1. High School Grammar by Wren and Martin
2. To the Point English Grammar and Composition by Prof. Aftab Ahmed
3. Sayyid Saadat Ali Shah’s Exploring the World of English
4. Precis Writing and composed by A B Jasra and N.K. Joyia.

*Everyday Science*

1. Everyday Science by Prof. Dr. Akram Kashmiri
2. Encyclopedic Manual of Everyday Science By Dr. Rab Nawaz Samo
3. Matriculation level books of Physics, Chemistry and Biology

*Pakistan Affairs*

1. Trek To Pakistan By Ahmed Saeed
2. Pakistan The Formative Phase by Khalid Bin Sayeed
3. Pakistan Affairs by M. Ikram Rabbani
4. Constitutional & Political History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan


1. Islami Nazriya Hayat by KhurshidAhmed
2. Islam its Meaning and Message by Khurshid Ahmed
3. Islamiat by Afshan Manzoor Jahangir Exam Cram Series
4. Lectures of Different Scholars like Javed Ahmed Ghamdi and Dr. Zakir Naek.
5. Islamic Features and articles on newspapers (Friday edition)

*Essay and Current Affairs*

1. Dawn News (it will help for the preparation of Current Affairs and Essay and improving vocabulary, expression and
knowledge about other subjects)
2. JWT (Best magazine for Current affairs, Essay and other subjects of CSS)
3. Talk shows on different News Channels
4. Contemporary Affairs by Imtiaz Shahid (2 or 3 latest editions)

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Books for Optional Subjects


1. Journalism for All by Dr. Mehdi Hassan
2. Exploring Journalism by Mirza Muhammad Yousaf


1. An Introduction to Sociology by Abdul Hameed Taga
2. Sociology by Horton and Hunt

*Political Science*

1. Western Political Thought by Judd Harmon
2. Muslim Political Thought by S.M. Shahid
3. Political Science Theory and Practice by Mazhar ul Haq
4. World Constitutions by S. Kaely


1. Agriculture by Masood A Qureshi
2. Agriculture by Asif Malik


1. Forestry by Prof. Masood A Qureshi
2. Yellow pages on Dawn News (Monday edition)

*Public Administration*

1. Public Administration by Dr. Sultan Khan
2. Personnel Management by Dr. Sultan Khan

*Business Administration*

1. Management by Stephen. P. Robins and Mary Coulter
2. Principle of Marketing by Philip Kotler
3. Strategic Management by Fred.R.David

*Indo Pak History*

1. Indo Pak History by K. Ali
2. Indo Pak History by Sohail Bhatti
3. Trek to Pakistan by Ahmed Saeed
4. Pakistan Affairs by Ikram Rabbani
5. Constitutional and Political history of Pakistan by Hamid Khan

*Islamic History and Culture*

1. Study of Islamic History by K. Ali
2. History of Islam by Mazhar ul Haq.

*European History*

1. Mastering Modern European History written by Stuart T. Miller
2. About European History by L.P. Cock
3. European History by I J Chawla

*British History*

1. British History by Birdsall S. Viault
2. Mastering Modern British History by Norman Lowe

*History of USA*

1. History of USA by R.K Majumdar and A.N. Srivastva
2. A Brief History of USA written by John J Newman

*Constitutional Law*

1. World Constitutions by Kealy
2. How states are Governed

*International Law*

1. International Law by Tandon
2. International Law by Agarwal
3. International Law by S.K. Kapoor
4. International Law by J.J. Starke

*International Relations*

1. International Relations by Prakash Chander
2. International Relations and Poltical Theory by Kamran Shahid

*Muslim Law and Jurisprudence*

1. Muslim Law by D.F. Mullah
2. The Principles of Muhammad Jurisprudence by Abdul Raheem


1. Modern Physical Geography by Sarfraz Ahmed Bajwa
2. Economic Geography by Fazal Karim
3. Human Geography by Deblij


1. Psychology by Fieldman
2. Psychology by Sherbano


1. Gul e Farsi
2. Gulzar e Farsi
3. Notes of Persian available on Punjabi University Photostat Shop


1. Tareekh e Adab e Arabi by Ahmad Hassan Zyat
2. Notes of Hafiz Arshad


1. Punjab Rang by Qamar Husnain Qadri and Faisal Hayat Jappa


1. Pohanna


1. Sindhi Adab Jo Tanqidi Ibheyas by Abdul Majeed Memon
2. Sindhi Boli Ji Mukhtasar Tarikh by Leghari
3. Sindhi Adab Jo Mukhtasir Jaiza by Abdul Jabbar Junejo


1. Chakkar by Aqil Baloch

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