1. Religious of Iranians before Islam (zorostranian
  2. Soda Water Bottle contain which gas (Carbon diaoxide)
  3. Smallest Bone in Human Body (Stapes)
  4. Mumbai is in which state of India (Maharashtra)
  5. Area of Karachi is? (3,527 km²)
  6. Jinnah of Pakistan is written by (Stailey Wolpert)
  7. Who was viceroy at the time of Second World War (Lord Linlithgow)
  8. 8. BRICS Members Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
  9. Not directly related to UN ILO
  10. Kilimanjaro in Africa
  11. Idiom talk through one’s hat idioms Talking Nonsense things
  12. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a story of all ages
  13. which is not related to disarmament NATO
  14. Al Hadi means The Guider
  15. Ayat ul Qursi come in Al Baqarah
  16. Prophet’s Name Ahmed come in Surah Saff
  17. Israel is name of Yaqoob A.S
  18. Baitul Ma’mur is in gate 7
  19. Nonchalant antonym excited
  20. WTO headquarter Geneva .
  21. Diego Garcia US Naval Base is in Indian Ocean