Measurement Units of land, Weight and Counting Used in Pakistan with their international Standard Units helps you learn how land is measured in Pakistan in different Units. Pakistan follows international units as well as endogenously developed systems for measuring the land and Distance.

Measurement of Land

9 Karams 1 Marla
1 Marla 2.7 sqft
1 Kanal 20 Marley
8 Kanal 1 Aker (Killa)
25 Aker (Killa) 1 Murabba

Land Measurement Units with International Units

1 karam 5.5 ft
‘1 marla 272.25 Sq ft
1 kanaal 5,445 sq ft
1 killa 4840 sq yd
1 murabba 1,089,000 sq ft

Weight Units

Pakistani System Metric System
1 Tolä 11.66375 g
1 Sèr (80 Tolä) 933.10 g
1 Maund (40 Sèr) 37.324 kg

Counting System in Pakistan

Urdu (Roman)  اردو


Ekai اکاءی One
Dahai (Dus)   دہاءی Ten
Sainkra (Sou)سینکڑہ  Hundred
Hazar ہزار Thousand
Dus Hazar دس ہزار Ten Thousand
Lakh لاکھ One Hundred Thousand
Dus Lakh دس لاکھ One Million
Crore کروڑ Ten Million
Dus Crore دس کروڑ Hundred Million
Arab ارب One Billion
Dus Arab دس ارب Ten Billion