following data includes what is longest, shortest, highest and tallest in the world. this data will help the aspirants to prepare their general knowledge paper. it is also helpful to prepare for one paper examination i.e NTS.PTS, FPSC and PMS general knowledge papers. following data has been taken from different sources. 

? Largest Planet : Jupiter ?Smallest Planet : Mercury ?Largest Airport : King Abdul Khalid International Airport (SA) ?Highest Airport : Lhasa Airport, Tibet ?Longest Airport : Dallas (USA) ?Largest River : Amazon (South America) ?Longest River : Nile (Egypt) ?Tallest Animal : Giraffe ? Largest Animal : Blue Bottom whale ? Fastest Bird : Swift ?Largest Bird : Ostrich ?Smallest Bird : Humming bird ? Longest Bridge : Huey P. Long Bridge (USA) Highest River Bridge : Royal Gorge (Colorado) ? Tallest Building : Dubai Burj (Dubai) Largest University Building : University of Riaydh S.A ? Longest Shipping Canal : Baltic sea White Canal ?Longest Swimming Canal : English Canal ?Largest Canal : Keil Canal in Germany ? Largest Continent : Asia ?Smallest Continent : Australia ? Largest Country (Area) : Russia ?Smallest Country (Area) : Vatican City ?Largest Stadium : Strahove (Czech Republic) ?Largest Cricket Stadium : Melbourne (Australia) ?Largest Football Stadium : Marakana (Brazil) ?Highest City : Wenchuan, China ?Most Populous City : Tokyo ? Longest Day : 21 june ?Shortest Day : 22 December ?Largest Dome : Astrodome in Horristan (USA) ?Biggest Dome : Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur), India ?Largest Dam : Grand Coulee Dam, USA ?Longest Dam : Hirakud (Orissa) ? Tallest Fountain : Fountain Hills, Arizona ?Largest Gulf : Gulf of Mexicov ?Largest Hotel : MGM grand Hotel and cassino (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) ?Largest Island : Greenland ?Largest River Island : Majuli (Assam) ?Largest Lake : Caspian Sea. ? Deepest Lake : Baikal (Siberia) ? Highest Lake : Titicaca (Bolivia) ?Largest Artificial Lake : Lake Mead ?Largest Mosque : Shah Faisal Mosque (Islamabad, Pakistan) ? Largest Mosque : Jama Masjid, Delhi (India) ?Highest Mountain Peak : Mount Everest (Nepal) ?Highest Mountain Range : Himalayas, Asia. ? Largest Mountain Range : Andes (South America) ?Biggest Museum : American Museum of Natural History (New York). ?Smallest Museum : Arizona US ? Largest Minaret : Sultan Hassan Mosque (Egypt) ?Tallest Minaret : Qutub Minar, Delhi (India) ?Biggest Oceans : Pacific Ocean ? Deepest Oceans : Pacific Ocean ?Smallest Ocean : Arcitic Ocean ?Biggest Palace : Vatican (Rome) ?Largest Palace : Imperial Palace (China) ?Largest Park : National Park of North-Eastern (Greenland) ?Biggest Park : Yellow Stone National Park

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