This data is helpful for the preparation of different competitive examinations. aspirants will find it helpful to prepare their general knowledge for CSS, PMS.NTS etc. it has been difficult to arrange this data. but we are providing quality data which is helpful for those who are interested to participate in competitive examinations. this data includes the key information regarding the inventions and their inventors. we hope this will prove to be helpful. ★Father of Biology: Aristotle ★Father of Physics: Albert Einstein ★Father of Chemistry: Jabir Bin Hayan ★Father of Statistics: Ronald Fisher ★Father of Zoology: Aristotle ★Father of History: Herodotus ★Father of Microbiology: Louis Pasteur ★Father of Botany: Theophrastus ★Father of Algebra: Diophantus ★Father of Blood groups: Landsteiner ★Father of Electricity: Benjamin Franklin ★Father of Trigonometry: Hipparchus ★Father of Geometry: Euclid ★Father of Modern Chemistry: Antoine Lavoisier ★Father of Robotics: Nikola Tesla ★Father of Electronics: Ray Tomlinson ★Father of Internet: Vinton Cerf ★Father of Economics: Adam Smith ★Father of Video game: Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. ★Father of Architecture: Imhotep ★Father of Genetics: Gregor Johann Mendel ★Father of Nanotechnology: Richard Smalley ★Father of Robotics: Al-Jazari ★Father of C language: Dennis Ritchie ★Father of World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee ★Father of Search engine: Alan Emtage ★Father of Periodic table: Dmitri Mendeleev ★Father of Taxonomy: Carolus Linnaeus ★Father of Surgery (early): Sushruta ★Father of Mathematics: Archimedes ★Father of Medicine: Hippocrates ★Father of Homeopathy: Samuel Hahnemann ★Father of Law: Cicer