APPEAL and REVISION difference.
1) appeal is a right created by law which must be exercised within a specified limitation of time
revision is a discretionary power of the court

2) appeal always lies on question of law and fact
revision lays on question of law

3) more than one appeal are possible on one issue but only one revision is possible ( chapter 31/32)

4) appeal always lies on the final judgement of the court or the order of the court
revision is possible against day to day order of the court

5) all higher courts are competent to act as court of appeal while
revisional jurisdiction is only availabe to high court and court of session

6) supreme court can act as court of appeal either on demand of somebody or on its discretion but cannot act as court of revision

7) punishment in any cases can be enhanced by the court of revision but not by the court of appeal

? court of appeal can convert conviction into acquital and vise versa but court of revision doesnt

9) revision court can act as suo motto but appeal is based on submission of petition

10) where there is a right of appeal there is no revision and where there is no appeal there is always revision

11) appeal is matter between the parties but revision is matter between the courts

12)appeal is a right created by law while revision is obligation imposed by law on H.C and on COS