Understanding present continuous tense examples is key to mastering English. This tense is for actions happening right now. For example, “I am learning new words,” or “They are playing football.” These present continuous tense examples show us what someone is doing at this very moment. They’re useful for talking about ongoing activities in daily life. Whether it’s “She is cooking dinner” or “It is raining outside,” the present continuous tense connects us to the here and now, with language that moves with time.

Present Continuous Tense Examples

Affirmative Present Continuous Examples

Structure: Subject + am/is/are + Verb(-ing) + Complement.

  1. I am walking to the store.
  2. She is studying for her exams.
  3. He is eating breakfast right now.
  4. We are watching a movie.
  5. They are playing in the garden.
  6. You are working on your project.
  7. The dog is sleeping on the porch.
  8. The teacher is explaining a concept.
  9. She is cooking dinner for the family.
  10. The children are swimming in the lake.
  11. I am listening to my favorite song.
  12. He is fixing the broken window.
  13. The fans are cheering for the team.
  14. The baby is laughing at the toy.
  15. The athletes are running a marathon.
  16. You are drawing a beautiful picture.
  17. The musicians are playing their instruments.
  18. She is taking a dance class.
  19. We are planning our vacation.
  20. The earth is orbiting the sun.
  21. He is washing his car.
  22. The bees are buzzing around the flowers.
  23. You are learning how to play chess.
  24. They are celebrating a birthday.
  25. The cat is chasing its tail.
  26. I am typing an email.
  27. We are renovating the house.
  28. She is watering the plants.
  29. The sun is setting.
  30. He is jogging through the park.

Negative Present Continuous Examples

Structure: Subject + am/is/are + not + Verb(-ing) + Complement

  1. I am not sleeping at the moment.
  2. She is not ignoring your calls.
  3. He is not using the computer.
  4. We are not leaving just yet.
  5. They are not arguing about the game.
  6. You are not wearing your shoes.
  7. The baby is not crying now.
  8. She is not reading the newspaper.
  9. The car is not starting.
  10. The birds are not flying south this year.
  11. I am not buying a new phone today.
  12. He is not teaching the class.
  13. The students are not taking a test.
  14. The sun is not shining at night.
  15. The machine is not working properly.
  16. You are not sitting in my chair.
  17. The flowers are not blooming in winter.
  18. She is not practicing the piano.
  19. We are not hiking the trail currently.
  20. The wind is not blowing much today.
  21. He is not making dinner tonight.
  22. The children are not watching cartoons.
  23. The cat is not sleeping right now.
  24. They are not visiting us this month.
  25. The train is not coming on time.
  26. I am not meeting them later.
  27. We are not discussing the issue anymore.
  28. She is not calling them back.
  29. The players are not resting during the match.
  30. He is not sending the letter.

Interrogative Present Continuous Example Sentences

Structure: Am/Is/Are + Subject + Verb(-ing) + Complement?

  1. Am I speaking too loudly?
  2. Is she coming with us?
  3. Is he working on the project now?
  4. Are we going the right way?
  5. Are they having dinner at the moment?
  6. Are you feeling better?
  7. Is the baby sleeping?
  8. Is she watching her favorite show?
  9. Are the stores closing early today?
  10. Are the birds migrating early this year?
  11. Am I interrupting you?
  12. Is he planning to propose?
  13. Are the students studying for their exams?
  14. Is the sun rising from the east as usual?
  15. Is the computer updating right now?
  16. Are you using this chair?
  17. Are the flowers opening up this morning?
  18. Is she practicing her speech?
  19. Are we meeting them soon?
  20. Is the wind causing the noise?
  21. Is he fixing the leak?
  22. Are the children playing outside?
  23. Is the cat climbing the tree again?
  24. Are they coming to the party tonight?
  25. Is the train delayed?
  26. Am I making sense?
  27. Are we staying here for long?
  28. Is she calling for help?
  29. Are the players taking a break now?
  30. Is he looking for a new job?