Pakistan Studies Most repeated mcq’s into the all testing services. These questions are mostly repeated into the PPSC, FPSC, NTS, PTS, CTS and into the all other testing services of the Pakistan. Pakistan Studies questions with answers are here for the candidates. Pakistan Study material for all jobs tests.

  1. The Wazir Khan Mosque is in?
  2. Bahram Khan was a tutor of the rich man?
    Hamayun and Akbar
  3. First war  between Babur against Ibrahim Lodi in?
    1526 A.D
  4. Malik Ghazi is the real name of the ?
    Ghayasud din Tagluq (1st Tuglaq sultan)
  5. State promoted canal irrigation system was initiated by the ?
    Feroz shah Taghluq
  6. The Lodi Dynasty was founded by the ?
     Bahlol Lodhi
  7. The Syed Dynasty was founded by the ?
     Khizar Khan
  8. The Buland Darwaza is situated at the ?
     Fatehpur Sikri
  9. Din-e-Elahi was a new religion invented in to the year?
  10. Noor Jahan was beloved wife of ?
     Queen of Jahangir
  11. Amir Khusro is called?
    Parrot of India
  12. The biggest Mosque built by the ?
  13. Arya Samaaj was founded by the ?
    Dayanand Sirasoti
  14. Arya Samaaj was founded in the year of ?
  15. Wardha scheme written by the ?
     Zakir Hussain
  16. First war between Babur against Ibrahim Lodi inthe year ?
    1526 A.D
  17. In India the first gate of entrance Europeans was the?
  18. Tomb of Hamayun is in city ?
  19. Tomb of Jahangir is at the city ?
  20. The real name of Noor Jehan was Mrs?
  21.  Pakistan and Afghanistan signed “Transit Trade Agreement” into the year?
  22. A biography of Quaid-e-Azam “My Leader” was written by the author ?
    A. Sulari
  23. British occupied Punjab in?
  24. British occupied Sindh in?
  25. British occupied Baluchistan in?
  26. Privatization Programmed began in Pakistan into the year?
  27. From Peshawar to Landi Kotal how many tunnels are?
    34 tunnels
  28. Dera Adam Khel is also called gun factory of the which area?
    tribal areas
  29.  India is building on to the Neelam River “Kishan Ganga Dam” into the city of ?
  30. Pakistan recognized People’s Republic China in?
  31. The resting place of Imam Bukhari is in?
  32. The ‘Silver Fibre’ of Pakistan is?
  33. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was the chief editor of the newspaper?
  34. Which Muslim newspaper supported the Nehru Report?
  35. Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulak prepared?
     the points Simla Depotation
  36. ‘Marala’ Headworks has been constructed on?
    River Chenab
  37. District Swat belongs to?
    Malakand Division
  38. The biggest market of Pakistan export product  and import product is?
  39. The system of ‘Separate Electorate’ first introduced in Pakistan?
  40. When water accord between provinces?
  41. Where Rawal dam constructed on?
     river kurrang
  42. Doab between river Ravi and Chenab is called?
    Rachna Doab
  43. Bala Hisar fort built by?
  44. Oath of Prime minister to liaqat Ali khan wad administered by?
    Muhamad Ali Jinnah
  45. Where copper deposits in?
  46. Who supported Pakistan resolution from sindh province?
    Abdullah Haroon
  47. Where is Chandka Medical College?
    in Larkana
  48. Where artificial forest is are being maintained in?
    Changa Manga
  49. Pakistan’s 2nd largest foreign exchange earner crop is?
  50. Rehmat Ali coined word Pakistan in “Now or Never” pamphlet into the year?
  51. C R formula was prepared by the ?
    Raja gopala chari
  52. When East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan?
    16th December 1971
  53. When the Simla Accord was signed?
    July 3- 1972
  54. What is length of Pakistan-India border?
    1610 km
  55. Pakistan get her first constitution After how many years?
    9 years
  56. first constitution of Pakistan was enforced int the year?
    23rd March 1956
  57.  Bicameral Legislature was provided for the first time In which constitution?
  58. When did Pakistan become member of United Nations?
    30th Sep 1947
  59. Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership in United Nations?
  60. When zakat ordinance promulgated? 20 June 1980