Carry out 

Accomplish, bring to a conclusion 

They carried out the mission successfully.

Put in practice or effect, 
We will carry out the new policy.
Please carry out my instructions.

 Taken over

Assume control, management, or possession of

There is no secret bid to take over our company.

Bring about

She hopes to bring about a change in his attitude.

 Beat out

Knock into shape by beating
they  managed to beat out all the dents in their fender.

Beat out of 
Cheat someone of something
He was always trying to beat the driver out of the full train fare.

 Bear with

Put up with, make allowance for
the boy will just have to bear with them until they decide.

It may also be used as an imperative.
Bear with me—I’m getting to the point

 To fall back on sth / fall back upon

Rely on, have recourse to
I fall back on my brothers in time of need.
When he lost his job he had to fall back upon his father’s savings

 To fall through

Fail, miscarry
The proposed amendment in law fell through.

 Vested interests

A personal stake in something
She has a vested interest in keeping the house in her name.