The appraisal of last 60 years of democracy

1. what is the current state of democracy in Pakistan?
2. Is the democracy – an issue of Pakistan or all Muslim world?
3. Is the democracy an issue of Pakistan or third world countries as well ?
4. Has the democracy have links with the:
-Ideology of people
-Socioeconomic development of people
5. Are the people of Pakistan non-democratic?
6. Is democracy solved the issues of Pakistan or not?
7. the issue of democracy in Pakistan
-Personalization of politics
-Personality oriented politics
2 The system itself
-Presidential or parliamentary
-The issue of executive legislature and judiciary
3 The issue of execution
4. The tug of war between different institutions
5. Election commission and procedure of election.
6. Rigging of polls
7. The making of constitution
8. Amending the constitution
9. Horse trading
10. The politicians
-Aptitude and capabilities
-Priorities etc
11. The conduct of political parties
12. The elections in political parties
13. Manifesto of political parties
14. The role of treasury banks and opposition banks
15. The interference of military
16. Provincial/Regionalism/Factionalism.
17. Different groups and their tendency towards bureaucracy
18. The indigenous and foreign intruding.
19. baradari/claim/tribal system in Pakistan
20. Literacy rate in Pakistan
21. economic/social development in Pakistan
22. (Role of mullah/islamists)
23. Local government system and democracy
24. Participation of women in democracy
25. Will we ever be a democratic state?
26. Or democracy will evolve with Pakistan
-Short term measures
-Long tem measures

27. Conclusion