Top 7 Private Schools in Lahore

Lahore, the capital of Punjab, is considered the best place to go for the beautiful Mughal design, culture, desi food, and providing top-notch education to the lots since the birth of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. During this article, we’ve gathered colleges in the city that were thought to be beacons of education in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  1. Beaconhouse School System – Kindergarten to O levels, A levels.
  1. Future World Schools Montessori – Level to IB, IGCSE programs including O, A, and AS levels.
  1. Lahore Grammar School – Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, O levels, and A levels.
  1. Aitchison College – Secondary, Higher Secondary, O levels, A levels.
  1. Divisional Public School – Primary, Lower Secondary, Matriculation, FSC.
  1. Bloomfield Hall School – KG, Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE, Matriculation, FSC, O level.
  1. The Crescent School – Primary, Secondary, Matriculation, FSC, IGCSE, A level.
Best schools in lahore
Best schools in Lahore
  1. Beaconhouse School System

Beaconhouse is one of the highest colleges in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The varsity started in 1975 as a Montessori with 19 students. Currently, the Beaconhouse has over 315000 full-time students, creating it one of the top most well-liked colleges in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Of these students, over 111,200 study at the Beaconhouse, whereas the remaining registered at The Educators, a parallel college network with over 200,000 students.

Interestingly, the institution not solely operates in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan but is also present in alternative regions as well as the united kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Oman, the UAE, Pakistan, and Belgium.


  1. Future World colleges

Future World College, a Project of Millennium colleges that aims to provide education, learning, and teaching as per the aspiration of the twenty-first-century child, is generally referred to as the ‘Millennial Child.’

FWS is among the best colleges in Pakistan, providing International qualifications from Start to IB, IGCSE programmes O, A, and AS levels.


  1. Lahore Grammar School

The college on our list is Lahore Grammar School which provides preschool and primary and secondary education. It’s one of the most effective faculties in Lahore. LGS started its instructional journey in 1979 with a few scholars. These days, it’s established as a tremendous institution in Pakistan.

Currently, Lahore Grammar School is related to the Cambridge Board of International Examinations that provides education to each boy and girl until O’ Level and A’ Levels.


  1. Aitchison College, Lahore

Aitchison College was started by Great Britain as a Top-notch institution. This college was built to teach the Ruling class of the country, their family, and minors.

Aitchison college has a history of being the oldest college in Pakistan. It is one of the top fifth colleges from Lahore, situated at the center of the city. the private School has an updated national and international curriculum and the finest sports facilities to polish the abilities and skills of the scholars. The college hosts various events that promote business, art, business education, scientific, and speech art.

Currently, Aitchison school educates 2,800 boys from junior to senior level categories on a beautiful 200-acre field. The college is registered with Cambridge and Agha Khan Examination Centres with their affiliation with Sat Centre registered with the American College Board.

Apart from teachers, the School offers a variety of facilities to the scholars as well as boarding facilities, mess, medical, science laboratories, libraries, college amphitheater, separate equestrian center, expansive sports fields, squash courts, etc. the School has its plant nursery with a variety of beautiful gardens. The School has its own retail shop, saloon, tailor, and 4 canteens, creating it a town itself.


  1. Divisional Public School

Divisional Public faculty is one of the foremost famed faculties in Lahore. It is known for delivering extraordinary tutorial results each year. The educational outcomes of scholars within the Lahore B.I.S.E within the Cambridge O-Levels Examination have continually been outstanding.

DPS opened its door to students in 1962. In 1966 the School was upgraded to a high school. Currently, the School offers programs from start to FSc, O-Levels, and A-Levels.


  1. Bloomfield Hall School

Bloomfield Hall School was started in 1984 as a collaboration between Pakistan and Great Britain. The college follows the British syllabus and prepares the scholars for the GCE’ O’ and’ A’ level examinations of the United Kingdom examining bodies.

Since 1984, the college has expanded its appearance into significant cities in Pakistan.

The subsidiary institute of Bloomfield, the University College of Lahore, offers different degree programs of the University of London in other subjects, together with economic science, Accounting, Management, Law, and Information Systems.

Some of the unique facilities offered by the School include:

  • Air-conditioned lecture rooms.
  • Swimming facilities.
  • Swimming helps considerably develop a child’s stamina, flexibility, and muscle strength. Faculties ought to have swimming pools to confirm a student’s full-body physical exertion.
  • Libraries.
  • Computer and Science Labs.
  • Audio-visual resources.
  • Extensive outdoor sports grounds.
  • Generators for electricity replacement.
  • Strict security arrangements as prescribed by the government.


  1. The Crescent School

Crescent Scholl was started in 1968 at Qadhafi Stadium, Lahore. Throughout the first days, there were only 35 students listed under the supervision of the employees. Currently, the college offers education from First to 10th standard. The School also provides O’levels and A’level programs. O’levels cover English, Urdu, maths, physics, chemistry, biology, Islamiat, Pak Studies, Business Studies, Economics, accounting, extra science, sociology, international views, travel, and tourism.

Apart from study activities, the college stresses character, physical, and psychological feature development. For that, the college has introduced a variety of societies and clubs for scholars.

Crescent has the subsequent societies for the grooming of students:

  • Civic society.
  • Dramatic society.
  • Debating society.
  • Art and culture society.
  • Science and IT society.

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