Top 10 Degrees with Highest Scope in 2023

Students mostly ask what my degree’s scope is and which job I should choose as a career. Before selecting any subject or field, most students ask these questions from their teachers and friends because your degree decides your future. So, we’ll enlist the top 10 degrees with more scope in Pakistan in the coming years.

Top 10 degrees which have more scope in future:

Here is the list of 10 degrees with a short description of each.

1-Charted accountant

With this degree, you can work as an accounting manager in a bank and pursue internal audit jobs. A charted accountant working in banks can get a 3 lac plus salary, and you can also have many other perks, including bonuses.


The scope of a medical degree is bright in Pakistan. Medical students can work in public and government sector departments, and instead of that, they can work as research scientists and pharmacists. Instead, you can also work as a medical officer in different universities or colleges.

3-Information technology/computer science

Computer science graduates can work in banking, finance, IT and telecom. The work of computer-related skills is increasing day by day. The IT sector of Pakistan is double in size in the last decade. Also, Pakistan is among the 5 top freelance countries, and freelancing welcomes IT professionals.

4-Web Designing

People in Pakistan have been more interested in freelancing in recent years than ever due to the increasing number of people learning web designing and building their websites. In the last two years, the number of web designers in Pakistan has been increasing and will increase in 2023. Different freelancing platforms in Pakistan play a significant role in this through free online classes.


After passing a very tough competitive CSS exam, CSS aspirants can join any 17-grade civil service job like commerce and trade, inland revenue service, police service, custom service, foreign service departments, accounts service and many more. This is the major perk of CSS that entice CSS aspirants to CSS, and its trend will increase in the coming years.

6-Atomic Energy

Pakistan atomic energy commission (PAEC) is the top T and S organization in Pakistan. The scope of its technical and scientific manpower is increasing. It also offers a handsome salary starting from at least one year. Its scope will increase in the coming years because Pakistan is nuclear power country.

7-Mass communication

Due to the internet and social media scope of mass communication in Pakistan, the coming year will increase more than ever. With this degree, you can work as a reporter, film director, producer, and thing that involves media. The pay is also very high.


If you are appointed as a lecturer in a university, and after experience of some years and publishing research papers, your payment can increase. You can also work in a private institute. The payment of an associate Professor is more than four lacs.


The scope of law depends on your experience and where you live in Pakistan. A genius Lawyer can earn more than one lac per month in Pakistan. The number of people hiring lawyers in Pakistan will increase in future.

10-Software engineering

Its scope is increasing at a rapid pace, not just in Pakistan but at an international level. It’s one of the highest demanding and highest-paying jobs. Choosing Software engineering is one of the best decisions. With the advent of technology, its future is ever bright.


Choosing the right degree matters a lot, but no proper guidance is given to the students properly on this topic. We have tried to enlist those degrees which will have higher scope in the future in Pakistan. Choosing the right degree can make your life. Before choosing any degree, you must search for its scope and your interest in that field.

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