Different people are suffering from different fears (phobias). These type of questions are often asked in different competitive examinations.so it is difficult to arrange this list of phobias. we have collected these from different sources to facilitate the aspirants.

  1. Acrophobia- Fear of heights
  2. Bibliophobia- Fear of books.
  3. Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness.
  4. Dystychiphobia- Fear of accidents.
  5. Electrophobia- Fear of electricity.
  6. Felinophobia- Fear of cats.
  7. Genophobia- Fear of sex.
  8. Harpaxophobia- Fear of being robbed.
  9. Insectophobia – Fear of insects.
  10. Japanophobia- Fear of Japanese.
  11. Kakorrhaphiophobia- Fear of failure or defeat.
  12. Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers.
  13. Mastigophobia- Fear of punishment.
  14. Noctiphobia- Fear of the night.
  15. Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes.
  16. Phasmophobia- Fear of ghosts.
  17. Quadrataphobia – Fear of quadratic equations
  18. Rhytiphobia- Fear of getting wrinkles.
  19. Sinophobia- Fear of Chinese, Chinese culture.
  20. Triskaidekaphobia- Fear of the number 13.
  21. Urophobia- Fear of urine or urinating.
  22. Venustraphobia- Fear of beautiful women.
  23. Wiccaphobia: Fear of witches and witchcraft.
  24. Xenoglossophobia- Fear of foreign languages.
  25. Ymophobia – Fear of contrariety
  26. Zoophobia- Fear of animals.