 Start your preparation of CSS from grammar. Best books are “Practical English Usage” of Michael Sewan along with “A Practical English Grammer” by A.J Thomson and A.V.Martinet and also Wren and Martin’s book. John East wood’s book “Oxford Practice Grammar” is also wonderful practice book for all of you.
 Daily grammar assignment should be 10 pair of words, 10 idioms, 10 vocab, 10 one word substitute, 10 preposition and a single paragraph writing.
 Your CSS syllabus is your bible, so a hard copy should be on your study table. Enlist the contents of English grammar and prepared those contents from above mentioned books.
 At least write down one paragraph on daily basis or 500 words. That paragraph should be checked with the perspective of grammar, coherence and relevancy related to the topic.
 Maintain and update the score card on weekly basis that is obligatory.
 Read almost 50 to 60 pages on a day of research papers. Understand the terminology and write down the crux of that research paper on a single page. (Start and make habits of reading from 5 to 10 pages on daily bases and gradually enhance this habit).
 Prepared topic to topic according to given material that will be available on Facebook page.
 Make a major folder about the subject and sub-folders for the topics of that subject. That sub-folder will be comprising over research papers and newspaper articles (which will be available on my Facebook page topic to topic)
 Explore the dimensions of that topic on page
 Make the notes on a single page only of that topic in the form of bullets or headings or outlines; make sure that should not be more than one page.
 Develop the habits of readings, understanding the theme and crux of that readings, highlights the facts and figures and don’t cram those one.
 You have to revise on Sunday of your whole week work. So every Sunday is a revise day.
 After completion of given topic, you have to attempt the given question related to that topic within a 35 minutes.
 You can share your problems on Sunday, best method will be that you have to write down your problems on page and send the pic of that page to me on whatsup.
 When your assigned work is going to complete then send the sms with thumb up.
 Given time to be honored with honesty.
 Self-help books and movies will be shared on what s up group on weekly and monthly basis.
 Newspapers are not imperative so don’t waste your time on such type of activities now a day. Necessary articles will be on your Facebook page. So don’t be panic about these things.
Never miss the visit on Facebook page and observe the daily base routine and go through accordingly

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