How to prepare for CSS without joining the academy?

Academy can only give you tips, but they can’t force you to study. You have to practice and implement all those tips and tricks yourself. Now you can learn from more professional teachers compared to those in your city with the help of a YouTube channel. So, why do you need to choose the academy?

Choosing the academy is optional if you are self-motivated and believe yourself, that you can create a good study environment on your own. This article will help you ace the CSS exam without joining the academy.

Tips to prepare for CSS without joining the academy:


Download Syllabus:

Download the CSS syllabus, select optional subjects wisely according to your taste, and don’t believe the myth of low and high-scoring subjects. Just choose those subjects which you think are easy for you. And start your preparation from the compulsory subjects instead of optional subjects.

Go through past papers:

After deciding on the subjects, download the past paper. It will give you an overview of the exam and the important topics and points. Solve past papers to know your weakness and strength. It will also help you to manage your writing speed.

Study 10-12 hours for five months:

You must study 10-12 hours to ace the CSS exam. But you should do this by taking a little break after every hour.

Follow someone:

Before starting any subject or any section, you must watch some YouTube videos related to that to know the proper way to start that section. You must follow a CSS expert YouTuber.

Improve your English

If you daily read books and newspapers, your English automatically improve. It will enhance your vocabulary and writing speed and give you more ideas. You must know the correct use of grammar rules.

6 hours of writing

CSS is a written exam, so your written skills matter a lot. Try to give 5-6 hours daily, and this is the most important tip. It will provide you with an idea of your performance.

Read books:

Make a habit of reading books. Choose any book that you think is interesting for you from your course books. Once your habit is developed, you can start reading rather boring books. Now you can easily read them without actually being bored.

Meet the goal:

Schedule your plan and try to meet the daily plan. Give yourself a test. You should give yourself the test of each book at least five times before appearing in the exam. It should be just like the real exam.

Don’t cram:

You just have to clear your concepts and make your own notes from YouTube videos, websites or recommended books. Think about each topic critically and build your own opinion. It will help you ace the exam for sure.

To the point:

You must learn to write to the point without missing important points and clarity in the text. You must know how to cover more information in fewer words.

General Knowledge:

For this proportion, you need to cram some information; you should know about the geography and current political or other issues worldwide.

Prepare for the interview:

You must prepare for the interview and practice the interview questions. It will boost your confidence and turn the game in your favor. The interview is the final step that decides your destiny. Your interview duration may range from 6-40 minutes. Don’t panic if you don’t know anything. The interview panel just want to judge how much your personality matches your written exam.


We have mentioned some most important steps for preparing for CSS without joining the academy. Preparing at home can save you a lot of time if you use a proper strategy. But if you think you can’t prepare yourself, you must enroll in an academy.


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