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Extract from ” The future of Pakistan in 21st century | Currant affairs

Extract from The future of Pakistan in 21st century , Currant affairs

So what is holding Pakistan back ? Is it a Corrupt political elite ? Is it an omnipotent military establishment ? Is it an overburdened and politically sided ( with rare exception ) bureaucracy ? Is it the foreign hands who do not relish a prosper stable Pakistan ? Is it an aimless and directionless youth who virtually has no ( with rare exception ) motive to make the presence of Pakistan felt in the world? Is it the man in street who does not care anything but his bread and butter? Questions abound. To blame any particular section or factor for the present discouraging state that Pakistan today finds itself in , will be sheer injustice.

Political elite, military establishment, foriegn hands etc all have played and are still playing their pernicious part to damage Pakistan, but two things are particularly important — Education and Moral degradation.

Let’s start with education. In a society where education has become a profitable ” Business” and is sold for paper money ; a society where children are nurtured with a strong advice that without good grades you won’t be able to get a good job ; a society where elite gets the best available education while the poor do not have basic educational facilities even in well settled areas ( read lahore , Islamabad ) ; a society where education is a test of memory, not real understanding ; a society where generations after generation study the same old pathetic syllabus that is unable to fulfil the demands of the modern times; a society where the real and only criteria of intelligence is English.. When the youth does not know what to do after 16 years of education and is forced to change fields too often, what good that education system can do to a society.
Such society cannot have a different condition than that of Pakistan’s.

The moral degradation of the people especially the young ones ( with meagre exception ) has reached to such an alarming extent that even a simple hawker does not feel any remorse for hoodwinking people. The psychological and moral training of the children is being done in such a manner that almost everyone one of us considers other fellow being a hindrance in our way of success. We have shop owners or businessmen who leave their house with the sole intent of looting people through different means. You enter any government office ( again , with meagre rarity ) and you will notice vulturous and rapacious eyes of officials ready to swallow you with your wallet. Instead of helping other and feeling good at someone’s success , we not only become envious but also do everyone to create trouble for him/her. The problem with us is not this why we don’t have a particular thing , the problem is why that particular person has that. We are ready to bribe tax officials , reluctant to pay taxes. We are rich people — we can purchase both the judge and law.

History bears out the fact that no nation was ever destroyed due to poor economy or incompetent leadership or natural reasons..

Nations are destroyed mainly due to three things : Moral decline and poor education system. Injustice being the third most devastating element in the destruction of nations.

Still we expect our rulers to be angels ; our country to progress and our society to be paradise.. Allah Will Not Change the Condition of a People until They Change What Is in Themselves.

We need an “INTROSPECTION” of ourselves and that too at the earliest..

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