AN ACT, specifically posting rules and regulations, to amend the group CSS CURRENT AFFAIRS in the best interest of its members:-

Short title and commencement: The ACT in particular having posting rules and regulations would be called “CSSCA POST RULES AND REGULATIONS ACT”. The Act shall come into force at once.

The ACT is summarized as follows:-

; WHEREAS the competent authority, including moderators and administrators, through the powers vested in them by the group’s collective efforts, reserves the right to amend the posting rules and regulations in the best interest;

WHEREAS any post will be subjected to approval by the administrators or moderators, as the authority may deem necessary;

The posting rules shall be followed as under:-

Political Posts: The said authority, in any manner anytime whatsoever, reserves the right to disapprove any post if it violates the argumentative nature of the group. If the political post is having arguments substantiated by counterarguments having legal references and statistics as issued by the competent authority of the government in any manner whatsoever, the post, till further consideration, might be approved, subjected to pass recommendation from the moderators.

Funny Posts: Any post, in any manner, either its a meme or fake Alhamdulillah passed CSS post or, anything, anytime, anywhere, whatsoever, the post comes under funny post as evaluated by the moderator, subjected to clash of arguments, would be disapproved, and not complained against in any manner to the administrators of the group.

Current Affairs: Sane and legal opinions regarding Current Affairs, subjected to approval by the moderators, would be approved automatically, if the member has quality and necessary knowledge to provide help to the members of the group. However, the post including Current Affairs, would be subjected to approval of the member named “Ainuddin Kibzai”, a competent empowered authority, as in the light of the rules and regulations, he might see fit.

CSS Syllabus based posts: These posts, including opinions related to any topic in any manner whatsoever, will be approved by the moderators, subjected to rules and regulations herein, or hereabove.

Others: Anything not included in the act will be considered as against the rules and hence disapproved, subjected to the preceding rules and regulations. However, such cases would be disapproved or even approved provided that moderator concerned deem necessary, subjected to fact that this wouldnt violate any other clause, as mentioned in the act hereinafter or hereinabove.

Overriding effect: The ACT, in any manner, will overrule all the existing rules and regulations, once it is commenced into force at once.

Amendments: The competent authority, at any time, whenever they deem necessary, can amend the rules and regulations in the best interest of the group, as they may deem fit and necessary, provided that it doesnt include any unconstitutional and authoritarian rules. Any such changes, however, would be subjected to majority voting system, the committee may desire upon the recommendations of the voting parties.

The said rules shall come into force now.

This is just for fun. I am not competent authority in any manner. Its great to write in formal parliamentary style, just to feel like you are the major policymaker of the state.