Best Websites for NTS Preparation

There are many options in online resources for NTS or other government tests in Pakistan. I will provide some recommendations for the top internet resources for exam preparation.

In Pakistan, the majority of students are anxious about their exam preparation. The rivalry is fierce since there are so few options for government employment. The future and careers of far too many candidates worry them. It’s a hard reality, but I’m not blaming anyone.

You can undoubtedly grab a job if you make the necessary effort and follow the recommended preparation methods for such competitive tests. It would be best if you abode by the guidelines established by the exam services. The secret to success is to prepare by the requirements.

Online resources for studying are available for both the NTS exam and other exams in Pakistan. Quizzes and questions of the MCQ format aid in preparation and knowledge growth. I’ll recommend some trustworthy websites to you.

Top Websites for NTS Exam Preparation

  • Lead MCQs



The most recent entry in Pakistan, TOPGRADE, provides a wide range of admission tests and aids pupils in achieving high grades.


  • Price

The cost of each course varies. The cost of the course is less than that of the academies.

  • Content

It includes:

  • 35,4107 MCQs
  • 7621 Video Lectures
  • 7445 Fast Revision Notes
  • 25 Full-Length Practice Exams


  1. LEAD MCQs

Lead MCQs is a website for learning all kinds of MCQs from general knowledge and course-related aspects.

On the website, you may get an organized collection of previous exams. Each question includes a brief description, any necessary visuals, and a video connected to it.

The direct connection that is made between learners and their subjects through the use of images and videos leads to higher levels of interest and attentiveness.




Check out this page for NTS MCQs Test Preparation Online with Answers for Written Test. A nongovernmental agency, NTS National Testing Service, which is managed by a board of directors, administers exams to find qualified candidates for open positions in both the public and private sectors. NTS administers a test to determine the candidate’s aptitude. NTS is responsible for various tasks, including announcing job openings and admissions for departments and institutes, choosing qualified candidates by the standards, and issuing roll no slips for tests and subsequent steps. According to the schedule, NTS performed tests, and two weeks following the test, it released the results. NTS also announces the final merit list and candidate list for the interview.



  1. MCQSPRACTICE is the best website for online preparation for various types of tests. Anyone can prepare by taking online tests provided on this website; these will help you to analyze your level of knowledge and will help you to gain more understanding for the test. They have provided ISSB tests, Pakistan Navy initial tests, Pakistan Air Force initial tests, Pakistan Navy initial tests, MCAT, ECAT, NTS, and tests for various subjects such as Math, Physics, Biology, Computer, Chemistry, and English.




Their primary goal is to assist students and job seekers prepare for entry and job screening tests. They allege the power of education and want to help students. They are currently covering NTS (National Testing Service),




ILMKIDUNYA is a website for learning. These tests are incredibly beneficial to students whenever they apply for admission or a job. Students can take all the tests as often as they want until they master them. Students can view the results immediately. Students can assess their readiness by taking these online tests. Students can better understand how to complete all the MCQs of tests in the allotted time and efficiently. After completing the entire test, students can achieve outstanding results in their annual exams.




TESTFELLOW is a simple website to learn about the theory of the NTS Test. It contains different aspects of all subjects with MCQs and test preparation.



Other websites that offer different varieties of Test preparation are listed below.

  • Pak MCQs
  • MCQs Prep
  • Help Now
  • Jobs Papers
  • MCQs Guider
  • CSS Forum
  • Dogar
  • MCQsChain
  • MasterMCQs


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