Assistant Director Labor Department, Government of the Punjab, Solved Past Paper. PPSC, FPSC, NTS, PTS, Solved Papers. One Paper MCQ,s solved papers of the Punjab Public Service Commission. General Knowledge MCQ,s Current Affairs, and all solved MCQ,s. AD Labor solved papers conducted by PPSC.

  1. Which is that the largest community within the world without state?
  2. Name of hurricane that in 2012 touches the Florida ?
    Hurricane Isaac
  3. Who is that the president of china?
    Hu Jintao
  4. In election 2012 who was the opponent of bema?
    Mitt Romney
  5. Sylhet District. Was the par of which province?
  6. what’s the meaning of term Annuity?
  7. Which is that the American state with most lakes?
  8. Obama got maximum electoral vote from which stat?
    Washington D.C. (District of Columbia)
  9. National flower of Pakistan?
  10. Who composed the anthem of Pakistan?
    Ahmad G. Chagla
  11. Timbuktu city during which African country?
  12. Next Winter Olympic Games 2014 will held during which city?
    Sochi, Russia
  13. Who is that the winner of snooker world championship held in Sofia, Bulgaria?
    Muhammad Asif
  14. Who is that the winner of Wimbledon 2012 men’s single?
    Roger Federer
  15. End of Eden book is written by?
    Graham Phillips
  16. Real name of sher shah suri?
    Farid Khan
  17. what’s the meaning of AASRA?
  18. Capital of Libya?
  19. Tripol
  20. Most abundant crust within the earth?
  21. Who is that the special envoy to Syria from us?
    Masood Khan
  22. Capital of Myanmar?
  23. Ordinary mobiles communication from which rays?
    frequency and Microwave Radiation
  24. Currency of South Africa?
    The rand
  25. Capital of Uzbekistan?
  26. Southern Cross is in southern region and in the dark skies what percentage stars in it?
    4 (Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta)
  27. Greenwhich time from where calculated?
  28. Zero longitude on the Greenland is understood as?
  29. what percentage disst. In Punjab.
  30. Latest dist. within the Punjab?
    (chiniot wasn’t within the option, option was nankana shahib)
  31. Which gas has an equivalent chemical composition of CNG?
    Bio Gas
  32. Tracheotomy disease related to?
  33. hepatitis C affects the?
  34. Which was the capital of Byzantium Empire?
  35. Who was the top of Bazymtum Empire at the time of Muhammad (S.A.W.W)?
    Heraclius (but not sure)
  36. Which sahabi’ name is within the Quran?
    Hazrat Zaid Bin Harith (RA)
  37. Yasir Arfat died on the date?
    Martinmas 2004
  38. Ghyasudin Balban tenure starts in year?
  39. Bastille revolution was within the country?
    Bastille Day 1789
  40. Head of bank of England is from the country?
  41. Latin term Sui generic mean?
  42. Which gas use within the balloons?
    Helium or Hydrogen
  43. Child labour is prohibited during which act?
    ACT 1991
  44. Minimum wages in Pakistan?
    Rs 8,000
  45. what percentage millions child labour within the developing countries consistent with UN?
  46. what’s the circumference to radius?
  47. Green plantation made for the cities, which city isn’t follow its?
  48. Where is that the head quarter of ILO?
  49. Now what’s the status of philistine in UN?
    Non-Member State (Vatican)
  50. After changes the status of philistine now adequate to which country?
  51. Latest UNO member?
    South Sudan
  52. In 2003 G. Sec. of UN?
    Kofi Annan
  53. what’s the meaning of Hobson’s choice?
    take it or leave it
  54. what’s the meaning of term Leading question?
  55. Antonym of enthusing?
  56. Synonym of tentative?
  57. Synonym of waylay?
  58. Antonym of disjointed?