11 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan in 2022 

A lot of students in Pakistan a free after having a master’s or MS. degree in their hands, or they work in very low-paying jobs just because they are not aware of the different opportunities open to them. Our students are mostly restricted to teaching, appearing, in CSS, and medical exams. No doubt these are good options, but you must think about other jobs that pay a handsome salary.

We are listing here the 11 highest paying jobs in Pakistan.

11 High Paying jobs in Pakistan

1-Charted accountants:

Chartered accountants get a handsome salary in Pakistan. His key role is related to financial organizations as a financial analyst, auditor, CFO and Chief accountant.

It is counted among the top 10 highly paid jobs in Pakistan, and the basic pay of charted accountants in Pakistan is up to 122000Rs per month.

2-University professors

Although nowadays people think that teachers don’t earn much, if you are selected as a lecturer, you’ll initially get a payment of about 80,000RS. With the passage of time, if you are settled in university, your payment may increase. The payment of an associated professor is more than five or six lacs per month-one for the highest-paying profession.

3-Data scientist

A data scientist analyses, validate and interpret the data. To become a data scientist, you must have a bachelor’s or master-level degree in data science. The initial pay of a data scientist is about 85,000 in Pakistan per month.


Scientists are one of the most honorable personalities behind innovation in any country. The pay of a scientist starts from one Lac with an experience of 1-3 years, and it can increase up to 6-7 lacs after eight years.

5-HR manager

HR manager earns almost 787023 per month in the start. But with experience, his salary increases up to 3-4 lacs.

6-IT professional:

An IT professional earns at least 80,000 per month at the start. And their average salary increases up to 170,000 with an experience of some years.

7-Software Developer

Software developers build designs and integrate them into the different programs to maintain the software.

The starting pay of a software developer is 72,000, and their pay can increase up to 10 lacs per month with experience. Many software developers also work as freelancers, and they can earn a lot of money through it.

8-Software engineering

You might start your software engineering journey with 80,000, but you can earn 2,50000Rs monthly. Software engineers make an excellent contribution to designing and creating computer applications. Nowadays youngsters are mostly interested in such kinds of jobs.

9-CSS officers:

CSS is considered one of the toughest tests to clear in Pakistan, and if you get selected, a handsome career waits for you. It’s not a cup of tea for everyone. The basic pay of a CSS officer is 70,000Rs.

10-Telecom Engineering

Although this is one of the highest-paying jobs, students are not mostly aware of this opportunity. You can easily earn 3 Lacs plus after some years of experience if you choose Telecom engineering as your career.

11-MBBS doctors

Students impatiently want to become doctors, but because of its high merit and tough subjects, most students can’t clear tests. Doctors enjoy a lot of perks; if they don’t get government jobs, they can make their own clinics. The initial pay of government doctors is one Lac.


Note: If you use your related skills in Freelancing, you can earn even more than this. All of you must try to find freelance jobs related to your field.


Despite of the above-mentioned 11 highest paying jobs in Pakistan there are many other jobs that offer a good budget, but we have tried to enlist those you must know. Don’t rush behind the mob; always try to explore new jobs. We all have the potential to get a good job, but it’s your job to explore new opportunities for you.

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